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Character and Creature Design

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Welcome to Rory McLeish Studio.

And thanks for stopping by.

I’m a digital Illustrator and creature/character concept artist working and teaching in the UK, and this site features most of my recent work. I start from 2D sketches and develop these into fully textured digital 3D models.

These pages display a selection of my CG creature and character design work, completed mainly in Modo, Zbrush, Vue and Photoshop, and here’s a link to my current creature and character concept design reel where you can see some of these concepts rendered as 3D animations.

I’ve also recently started to develop some short films and music videos, and you can find some finished work here.

Environments and Miscellaneous 3D Work

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Here is a selection of my CG environment concept work, including some additional CG vehicle concept designs, CD covers, archviz etc.

3D Hardware

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Here is a selection of my CG 3D vehicle concept design work, including photographs of some practical concept design miniature modelling work.

2D Sketchbook

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A selection of  sketchwork and 2D digital art.


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After finishing 4 years studying graphic design and photography at Glasgow School of Art in the ’80’s, I moved from Glasgow, Scotland, to Harrogate in the North of England where I had various jobs including repairing electric guitars (and giving electric guitar tuition), working in various bands, session playing, managing a music shop and a 3 year stint in advertising as an illustrator and photographer.

I eventually got into the video games industry as a modeller, texture painter and concept artist on the strength of my 2D work and photographs of some practical miniature work I had designed and constructed (Ornithopter and hangar in the 3D hardware pages).

I worked in games full-time and as a freelancer, from the early ’90’s until 2001, when I was offered a job working in the US.

From 2001, I was employed as a CG modeller, previsulization animator and lighting artist working in the United States vfx industry, primarily Digital Domain, Venice, Los Angeles.

After working on 5 feature films and various commercials, I decided to return to the UK in 2006 to pursue work as a freelance digital artist concentrating on digital illustration and creature and character design. I’m also currently teaching part-time at Leeds Metropolitan University as an associate senior lecturer in digital media in the faculty of Art, Environment and Technology.